Frequently Asked Questions


Due to the COVID - 19 Pandemic, all of our rooms will be private parties only, groups will be Minimum of 4 and a Maximum of 8, between rooms we clean and sanitize the entire room. 

Covid-19 Hours

Due to the COVID - 19 pandemic our hours have slightly changed. We will only be allowing online Reservations booked 2 hours in advance. We will be allowing walk-ins on Fridays and Saturdays. However it is highly recommended that you book ahead of time.

Arrival Time

All players MUST arrive 20 Minutes before scheduled booking times! All players are required to sign waivers and will go through a briefing of our rules and regulations as well as an intro to the room chosen before entering the escape room. please be punctual as our experiences are non-refundable. 

Private Bookings

For those extreme gamers or people that want to take a private party through, it is required that you book up all available time slots. Otherwise others will be able to book in the same room with you.

Cancellation Policy?

Our experiences are non-refundable. If you will be unable to attend your booking, please contact us 48 hours before your event to reschedule.

Age Requirement

For participants between the ages of 8-14, it is required that a paying adult 18+ be present in the room with them, our rooms are fairly difficult and younger participants may not completely understand all the puzzles and are more likely to have an enjoyable time with an adult present. Ages 15 - 17 adult must sign waiver. We ask that on our peak days (Friday & Saturday) You book out the Entire room.


All Players no matter your age are required to sign a release and waiver of liability form upon arrival before entering your room. Parent / Legal Guardian will be required to sign waiver for minors 17 and under. Waiver will also be available to sign during the booking process.

Or press the link and sign your waivers now!